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 Membership Information

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Come Join Us !  We have nearly 400 members - comprised
of sustaining members and members of our numerous
(consisting of Decorative Arts/Basketry, Ceramics, 
Metalworkers, Needle Arts, Painters, Photography, Polymer/
Beading, Weavers and Woodworkers).   

Each guild has its own schedule of meetings, workshops, classes 
and seminars, as well as its own specialized tools and equipment. 
Artists and crafts-persons are able to work in a community of 
artisans with similar interests, sharing  ideas and expertise.

Two Types of Adult Membership:
      -Society Sustaining
      -Society w/Guild Membership (some guilds require a specific
        level  of expertise - Ceramics, Metalworkers, Woodworkers)

The Society was founded by dedicated and hard-
working individuals and can only be maintained by
members sharing responsibilities…

Members are expected to share in the duties and
responsibilities that keep the organization running.
It is the participation and support of its members that
enables the Society to remain a viable organization.

Junior Membership:.
-Ages 12-18 (for the purpose of taking classes open to
 Junior Members)

How to Join:.
To apply for membership
-Request an application packet from the LACS Office.
-Attend a brief member orientation session (adults only).
-Complete and submit the membership application
   to membership rep during orientation session.
-Pay Society membership dues.
-Pay Guild membership dues, as well (if joining a guild).

For more information contact:
LACS Office Manager